The International Peace Garden (IPG) south of Boissevain has struggled during the pandemic to get visitors out to the popular tourist spot and a recent change in Canada has raised hopes of more people coming to the IPG.

As of October 1st it was no longer a requirement to use the ArriveCAN app when people crossed the border back into Canada.

Ceo Tim Chapman says it’s great news for the Peace Garden but it’s too early to say what impact the change will have for the remainder of 2022.

“Because it was a program that was challenging for some visitors and for us it’s great to see it easier for Canadians to visit the International Peace Garden. Obviously there’s still expectations with vaccinations but not having to fill out the app is going to be a bonus for locals especially those who maybe just weren't as apt to fill it out on their smartphone and maybe didn’t even have a smartphone.”

People are starting to return to the IPG but there’s still more people needed through the gates to get back to pre-pandemic numbers. “We’re not where we were before but this year was obviously a gain over 2020-21. Our Canadian numbers are still down and we believe the ArriveCAN app had a significant impact on the number of Canadians that were willing to visit” said Chapman.

The fall has arrived and the next major event for the Peace Garden will be the Harvest Dinner set for October 15th.