The Boissevain-Morton-Whitewater (BMW) Growing Project held a combine and tractor pull Sunday afternoon at the Boissevain Fair.

The first attempt saw the team able to move the combine and then another pull ended with a team hitting the pavement when the rope snapped.

Audrey Paschke is a volunteer with the grow project and helped coordinate Sunday’s combine pull held on the street near the Boissevain Swimming Pool.

“I’d love to see more teams but we had three very strong teams this year. The “Pull Types” won the pull and they did the pull in just under 20 seconds which is tremendous when you consider they’re pulling a combine that weighs more than 45,000 pounds.”

The pull also included some youth divisions to get the kids involved in the program.

The BWM Growing Project has been around for about 30 years and every year farmers, agri-retailers and other supporters get together to plant and harvest a crop for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. “This is such a great charity and it’s made the top 10 impact list for charities and we help to feed many, many hungry people” said Audrey Paschke.

“We used to be part of Canada day but now we’re with the fair and this is all about agriculture so it make sense and we’re thrilled to be part of the fair. As for our crop at Fairfax the 310 acres of canola looks great.”