We played our very first Christmas song of 2010 on Monday morning at 7:10.  Mona Dueck, our music librarian, chose Terry Tufts, The Big Six, from the CD, Christmas in the Valley.  We have broadcast a number of songs throughout the week, which was more or less, a sprinkliing of Christmas, (just like the snow).

It's our intent to play all of your favourites throughout the celebration, and we know that for many of you, (me included) Christmas is an opportunity to hear, or better yet, sing the
Hallelelujah Chorus.  We came across a You Tube video which included the familiar chorus from Handel's Messiah, in a way I had not heard before

Check it out, I think you will agree (and enjoy it)


The Complete work of Messiah will be broadcast Dec 24th at 10:30pm

Al Friesen
Morning Show co-host and Program Director