The Heritage Home for the Arts in Killarney is featuring the works of Brandon photographer, Tim Smith, in an exhibition that captures the life of the Hutterite community through the lens of a camera.

The exhibit, titled, 'IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF IT' features a series of photographs taken by Smith over a 14-year span.

"The work that he has here right now is all about Hutterite life, and Hutterite experiences, and he has all kinds of pictures here that are just amazing," shares Killarney Arts Administrator, Giselle Beaupre.

"The exhibit started this week, but our opening reception is this Saturday," she adds. "His works will be up till the end of the month!"

"It's absolutely amazing work, the pictures are incredible," says Beaupre, "and the rapport he has established with the people he has photographed, you see it in the photos.  You can really feel it, it's like oh my, there's so much trust here!

All are invited to Saturday's reception with photographer, Tim Smith, at the Heritage Home for the Arts in Killarney, September 9th from 2-4 pm.

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