Thank you for joining us for another edition of Made in Manitoba, as we welcome Mitchell Makoons to the program. His name will be new to you, but we've had him on the program previously. Formerly known as Mitchell Mozdzen, In early 2021 he decided to change his stage name to something that nodded to his Ojibway heritage.  

Mitchell started playing guitar at the age of seven to accompany his grandfather and brother playing Metis fiddle tunes. 

And along with the stage name change, the songs he writes have started incorporating traditional Ojibway music and culture with modern influences. The album we're featuring this weekend on Made in Manitoba is called "Live At No Fun Club"... and was recorded LIVE at the club in Winnipeg.

Mitchell will tell us about the decision to change his name, what it means and his love for traditional Metis music.... it's all part of this weekend's Made in Manitoba, which you can listen to below.