Killarney Farmers Harvest For Charity

The 2014 Killarney Growing Project harvest was another success.

Farmers and supporters gathered at their field about 18 Kilometers north of Killarney just off of Highway 18.

Nine combines, grains trucks, volunteers and close to 60 supporters turned out for the annual harvest. Money made from the crop goes to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to help with its projects around the world.

Manitoba Co-ordinator Harold Penner was at the harvest and pointed out the Killarney group has been a long and steady supporter of the fooodgrains program.

The day included a noon luncheon, some musical entertainment and then the harvest.

P.W. Enns Business Awards Gala

It is one of the premiere evenings recognizing the role of business in the community of Winkler, which has recently become an opportunity to be inspired by a nationally recognized leader.  Last night's keynote speaker was WestJet co-founder Don Bell. WestJet, based in Calgary grew from having three used Boeings and flights connecting Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, to serving 90 destinations in 20 countries throughout North and Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Last night's gala included a number of speakers sharing a "Westjet" story, highlighting the "fun" environment at the airline.  Don, pictured with MC Al Friesen, mentioned as well that was not by accident

They are referred to as the PW Enns Business Achievement Awards, and organized by the Winkler Chamber of Commerce, with recognition for Business Excellence, Business Builder for fewer and more than 10 employees, not for profit service award, and Customer Service Award, which was awarded to GTP. The G in GTP is Dale Gislason, who told Al Friesen later about the business partners in the Winkler business community


Hospitality House Refugee Ministry

World Refugee day is June 20th, but for one Manitoba based organization, refugees are a year round concern. Hospitality House Refugee Ministry, based in Wpg, has over the past 25 years, grown into the largest single private sponsor, in terms of numbers sponsored, and landed here, in Canada. This faith based organization, was formed by sisters of an order of the Roman Catholic church, and has grown to include Anglican, Presbyterian, Catholics, United and Mennonite supporters.  Today, we put the spotlight on the work of Hospitality House. And for that, we contacted Executive Director Tom Denton.  Here is Tom's conversation with Al Friesen on the CJRB Morning show.  

Contributions can be sent to Hospitality House at 1039 Main Street, Winnipeg, R2W 3R2...or you can find out more information at hhrmwpg.org



To everything there is a season, a time to leave the past behind,

 By Barb Alston, Melita Presbyterian Church

As I write this, the weather forecast is calling for cooling temperatures.
I look around the garden and see the beauty of flowers blooming. I feel a pang of sadness in knowing that one morning the leaves and stems will be blackened because of frost.
I remember at one time, I would be rushing around with blankets and tarps to cover the flowers so that I could enjoy them into the late fall. But, now I just cover some late cucumbers, peas and beans, because they are laden with produce that just needs to ripen slightly or grow a little more. 
Black birds and geese are flocking. Only one humming bird came to the feeder today. The baby barn swallows have left the nest over the front door. Apples have been picked, or are falling from the tree. Tomatoes are gathered in. Soon it will be time to dig the onions and other root vegetables.

Acceptance. That is a big word. Each year we need to accept that the time for producing crops in the fields and fruit and flowers in the garden, has come to an end. We do our best to harvest what has been produced and move on to the next season.

The past sometimes binds us, with bad feelings linked to memories, of people, places and things that are no longer part of our lives.
Anger, resentment, from things that happened long ago, may still imprison us.
We are urged in this Scripture
from Isaiah to—“not remember the former things, or consider the things of old.”(ch. 43)

Conversations often turn to the way that things used to be, when there was more population in the rural areas, when life was simpler,
when there was not as much technology.

Sometimes we talk about the good old days.

Where does this get us?
Sometimes we may find ourselves in the midst of a mire of negative feelings.

We remember when churches were filled, volunteer organizations were thriving —our families gathered without so many empty chairs  . . . . .

But the past is gone.
We continue to read in Isaiah 43:
“I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it”?

What hopeful words!

No matter what is going on in our lives, no matter how bad we feel. No matter what we fear, or what from our pasts holds us back,
there is God, about to do a new thing!!!!
No matter how low we may happen to feel.
No matter how hopeless things may look.
No matter how sad we may be,
or how lost, confused, or tied to the past we may be
again, there it is.
There is God, about to do a new thing!!!!
And just what is this new thing?
How will we know if we hold onto the past and complain that the present is not like the past, 
if we dwell on what we have lost,
instead of what we have gained?

Part of living is not in living in the past, but in DEALING with it,
not in living  a life of grief, but eventually, whatever time it takes to get there, a life of hope in this new thing that God is about to do!

What are we talking about?
Well, it’s up to each person.
Perhaps, there is a new purpose for us:
a new friend who needs you, or an old friend who needs you for something new,
a cause that you can take up, because of your gifts and experience,
a job as a volunteer that just fits into your schedule,
a name that comes into your mind of someone to phone, right now!
Maybe it is a book to write,
A song to sit and play on the piano,
a choir to join,
a lunch invitation to give,
a child to cheer,
a dog to walk,
a smile to give,
a meal to serve,
a conversation to share,
a game to play.

Not only in Isaiah do we find God’s promise that he is about to do a new thing;
we also find the promise that  God will be with us, and will strengthen and help us.

 “I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”
“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. “For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Saviour.”(Ch. 43)

In a song sung by George Strait, called 
 “I saw God today”
we find a humble song that talk about recognizing God in the weeds that grow through the cracks in the pavement or concrete, in the beauty of the sunset and in the face of his newborn baby girl. The chorus goes like this:

"I've been to church,
I've read the book,
I know He's there,
but I don't look,
near as often as I should,

His fingerprints are everywhere,
I just look down and stop and stare,
open my eye and then I swear,
I Saw God Today,"

As late summer rapidly slips into early fall, and we feel the chill in the wind, my prayer would be that each person where-ever they are at in life, whatever they are dealing with, may take a moment, to recognize, God here with us today —- in nature, in Scripture, in the seasons, in the everyday activities, decisions, and experiences of our lives.
After all surely, those hopeful words we find in Isaiah, 
“I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it”?
Surely these hopeful words are for each one of us on this day and this moment.


The Release of Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Journey

Many of Manitoba's musical bright lights gathered at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre last night to pay tribute to one of Manitoba's most popular and enduring musicians. Al Simmons, Don Amero, Jaylene Johnson and others joined Steve Bell, who is celebrating 25 years as a solo artist in 2014. It's a milestone that is also being recognized with the release of the documentary, Burning Ember, the Steve Bell Journey. Al Friesen was part of last night's VIP screening, and caught up with Director Andrew Wall of Refuge 31 films. Andrew shared how he first came to know Steve, and feel the story was worth telling

Aaron Burnett and Don Amero, who will tour with Steve this fall, were also at last night's screening