Parents & Curling Daughters




It’s impossible to describe the feeling parents have when they watch a child compete at something they’re good at. Especially if your child is really, really, really good. You find yourself squirming in a lawn chair as your child tries to avoid a tackle at a football game. You back out of the way when your child is in the batters box and a pitch comes in high and tight. It’s no different for curling parents. They cheer hard for a great draw around a corner guard or a hit and roll behind a centre guard. As you would expect there are many curling parents in Altona at the 2011 Provincial Scotties Tournament of Hearts. Icemaker Eric Montford puts in a full day scraping, pebbling and cleaning the playing surface while also watching daughter Michelle compete in her first Provincial Scotties. Jan Sandison is coaching Brette Richards’ team which includes Jan’s daughter Jillian. Karl Loder is coaching Janet Harvey’s foursome which includes Karl’s daughter Cherie-Ann who is playing third while another daughter Jenna is playing second for Jill Thurston. When Chelsea Carey began her competitive curling career more than a decade ago, dad Dan was there every step of the way. It’s what mother and fathers do. As a parent - more than anything else – you want your child to succeed. It doesn’t always happen of course. What we do know, is that win or lose, it’s just as hard watching from the stands as it is from behind a sheet of ice for a coach or from the media bench for an icemaker if your daughter is trying to win a provincial ladies curling title.



Dan & Chelsea Carey



CJRB Sports Director Clayton Dreger asked three-time Provincial Men's Curling champion Dan Carey what the hardest part of the father/daughter relationship is when he's coaching Chelsea's team.




Jan Sandison


Draw #13 8:30 a.m.
Chelsea Carey, Morden 7 Lisa Blixhavn, Brandon 2
Karen Rosser, Springfield 8 Michelle Montford, Assiniboine Memorial 5
Kim Link, East St. Paul 6 Jill Thurston, Granite 4
Deb McCreanor, La Salle 7 Bev Lumax, Swan River 6
(end of round robin)



Final Red Group Standings

Carey 7-0

Rosser 6-1

Link 5-2

Montford 4-3

Blixhavn 3-4

Thurston 2-5

McCreanor 1-6

Lumax 0-7



Eric Montford



Draw #14 12:15 p.m.
Cathy Overton-Clapham, Fort Rouge 8 Kerri Einarson, Fort Rouge 7 (EE)
Joelle Brown, Fort Rouge 7 Janet Harvey, Assiniboine Memorial 6
Brette Richards, Assiniboine Memorial 7 Tina Kozak, Brookdale 6
Betty Buurma, Carberry 7 Kelly Wiwcharuk, Snow Lake 5
(end of round robin)



Final Black Group Standings

Overton-Clapham 6-1

Brown 5-2

Einarson 5-2

Harvey 5-2

Richards 4-3

Kozak 2-5

Buurma 1-6

Wiwcharuk 0-7


Tie-Breaker #1:  Einarson 7 Harvey 6

Tie-Breaker #2:  Einarson 6 Brown 3




Karl Loder